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What does the units package include and what accessories do I need to buy?
Please review the particular listing to see what accessories are included with each unit.
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Do the Vehicle Drive Recorder units continue to record even if the vehicle is off?
Yes, the units will record if they have power. If the plug-in power cable is plugged into the power outlet that is "hot" when the vehicle's ignition is "off", it will record. For all new models released in July 2013 and after, another option available is the "Parking Mode" feature of operation so the user can select continuous, motion or shock recording modes while the vehicle is parked and the ignition is off. The provided Wire-in power cable must be used for the "Parking Mode" function to operate. Reference your vehicle's manual or consult your dealership for more information of connection options. Note: The user can use the "Battery Drain Prevention" feature when extended "Parking Mode" time is required so not to drain the vehicle's battery beyond starting ability.
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How do I get the full User Manual for my particular model?
Visit the Downloads Page in the tabs above. There tutorials will walk you through each download and clarify which software goes with each model. For the 1-inch series, the ETK-B1000, B1500, and B2000 have the same User Manual.
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How do I mount the unit in my vehicle?
The units come with a holder (mount/bracket) that contains double-sided tape to simply press against the windshield. The mounts can be stuck to the dash, rear window, or anywhere in the vehicle reachable of a power supply. Also, note the units can be adaptable to a wall in a home, and will monitor a doorway by recording motion. A cheap and sleek method of in-home security.
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How to care for the microSD Memory Card?
The card will save up to its max memory and if the video exceeds its max capacity, the device will just write over the oldest saved video and continue to overwrite from there. Please check the data regularly to ensure the product is operating normally. For the prevention of data error, we recommend to format the microSD card at least once per month. All HD models have quick formatting built in (pressing button for 5 seconds) - see the Quick Guide or User Manual on how to format the microSD card. The microSD memory cards for black boxes are expendables, and thus, if you have used it for a long time, it is recommended to be replaced with a new one. We recommend using "Class 10" microSD cards (which are a higher quality card for video recordings).  The bulls- units have been tested up to a 32GB microSD card.
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How do I view the recorded video?
One views their recorded video by downloading the free Viewer Software on the downloads page. Need Help downloading or using the software? Check out Video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

Required OS for Viewer Software: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

(If this is a concern, videos can be played in any MPEG4 video playing software....example. Windows Media player, Realplayer, etc. The software is only required for additional unit setting configurations.)
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Do the units comes with a memory card?
Yes, even though any original photo taking camera will NOT come with any memory unit, the vehicle drive recorders include a free microSD card. The new models ((ETK-B2200, ETK-B2400 and ETK-B3600) all include a 16GB microSD card. The 1-inch model series units (ETK-B1000, ETK-B1500 and ETK-B2000) all include a 4GB microSD card.
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Is there a difference in microSD card quality?
Yes, if you choose to upgrade to a larger capacity microSD card, we recommend using a high quality "Class 10" microSD card. If you choose to use a less-expensive microSD card, you might not receive the quality of video that is expected or you may have problems with your recordings.  All bulls-i units have been tested up to a 32GB microSD card.
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How do I make my Vehicle Drive Recorder into a Rear View Camera?
The video out compatible models, the ETK-B2400 (Unicorn), the ETK-B1500 and the ETK-B2000 come with a Video Out cable. The cable can be drawn from the unit to an external monitor display, like a dashboard GPS, and whenever the vehicle is put in reverse, the display will show the rear drive recorder's capture. Thus, knocking out two birds with one stone, protecting one's car with crash liability and supplying the driver with back up safety.
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Does the device record Audio?
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Can the device record day and night?
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How do I update my unit?
1. Connect the memory device to a computer.
2. Create a folder named "Update" on SD memory card.
3. Copy the firmware(file name: OT_CODE_SPI_"[Model Name]".BIN) into the “Update” folder.
4. Connect SD memory card to the unit body and power on.
The upgrade will be completed as indicated by LED color changing; blue(blink) -> red -> violet -> blue(blink)
and single buzzer sound confirms completion.
5. The SD memory card will automatically be formatted after the firmware has been upgraded.

• Do NOT power off or remove SD memory card during the firmware upgrade.
This may cause a permanent system malfunction.
• When formatting the SD memory card from a PC, the file system format on the SD memory card
must be set as FAT16 or FAT32. NTFS or other file systems are not supported.
• If a formatted SD memory card is detected, the bulls-i will automatically create the necessary
recording folders.
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Do I have to replace the Vehicle Drive Recorder’s batteries?
No, the device runs off the power of the car battery. The bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorders do not have an internal battery. All units come with a Plug-in Power Cable, and some also include a Wire-In Power Cable giving the user optional power connection methods.
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How do I set the time and date?
The units time WITHOUT GPS is "manual" user set with the Viewer Software Configuration Tool time Setting. Selecting "Get Current Time" is the easiest, grabbing your PC's time and date, selecting "Apply" then "OK". It is important to insert the microSD card and power up right after saving the time setting on the microSD card to be as close to the minute as possible.

With GPS, the unit automatically receives time along with the coordinates. The user needs to use the Viewer Software Configuration Tool to set GMT Time Zone and set Daylight Savings Time DST (if in their area).
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Why do bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorder units record in 60 second file segments?
The bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorders are designed and built to operate and record continuous for extended periods of time invariable temperature conditions. Many of our customers rely on their units 24 hours per day. The bulls-i Recording Management System will automatically record the 60 second video individual files. Then place the files in the managed file folders that will continuously re-record over. The file sizes (KB) are critical to assure reliable and stable recording to the microSD card. Management of the microSD files is essential for dependable performance. This file size management is also more user friendly for saving and emailing.
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How do you activate the "Parking Mode" and "Security LED" features on the HD models?
The Wire-In Power Cable is required for the "Parking Mode" and the "Security LED" features to function on the HD models. Consult your vehicle's manual, dealership or car professional for installation using the wire-in power cable.

The user can use the free provided bulls-i Viewer Software's Configuration Tool to choose from Continuous, Motion and Shock Recording Modes while in the "Parking Mode". Use the Viewer Software Configuration Tool also for the selection of the "Security LED" ON or OFF mode.

When the vehicle ignition is turned ON, the unit will automatically disable the "Parking Mode" and restart and reboot into the "Driving Recording Mode".
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