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The bulls-i Intelligent Viewer Software Requirements [Click here to download]

Required OS ( Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 ).

(If this is a concern, videos can be played in any MPEG4 video playing software....example. Windows Media player, Realplayer, etc. The software is only required for additional unit setting configuration.)

Screen Shot
Captures still images from your videos
Google Maps
The recorded routes are tracked on Google Maps
Easily print your captured screen shots
Settings Configuration
Set up and manipulate your unit's black box settings
Image Rotation
Rotate your videos (allows units to record upside-down)
File Search
Search your computer for folders in which videos are stored
Zoom in and Out
Allows you to control the viewing distance (scope in or out)
File List
The archive of recorded videos

    Software Downloads...

 • If you are having troubles downloading the Viewer Software Please Contact Customer Service by using the Contact Us function.*

Configure the Car Black Box Settings...

 Adjustable Frame rates

 Adjustable Sound & Video Quality

 Adjustable Time zone

 Adjustable Shock Sensitivty

 Adjustable Event file Quantity (Archiving amount) 

 Adjustable Parking Watch

 Adjustable Motion sensitivty

 Adjustable Battery Prevention

 Adjustable Speed Gauge (MPH or KM/H

 Adjustable LCD Screen Saver

HOW TO: Install the Software from the Web. (and configure settings plus search for archived videos)

Step 1. Plug Micro SD card into computer. Using adapters that are included within the package. 

 If you have just purchased a bulls-i Drive Recorder, the software should already be installed on your Micro SD memory card.

Step 2. Click the download link from website. If you can not find one, here is another link [ Install Software ] 

Step 3. Allow the browser and server to "Save" the file to your computer.

Step 4. Find the "bulls-i" folder that was downloaded to your computer. The folder should automatically be found in your "Downloads" or "Recent Downloads" folder. Once you find it, (you may have to first unzip the compressed file if you have an older operating system like XP), then you should find "Setup" application inside.

If you have any issues with this step (or any others) feel free to contact us via phone or email and we will do our best to help you out!

Step 5. Click and run the "Setup" application. This will prompt you to select which bulls-i programs you would like to install. We recommend you to download all of the options for full functioning of your unit, however, we would not consider the "bulls-i Suite" file a necessary download if your space is limited.

The optional "bulls-i Suite" file is a quick action toolbar. A hotbar version of the viewer.

Step 6. This next screen is showing to what address on your computer the file will be downloaded. The default should be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bullsi". You should not have to change any address, unless desired, otherwise simply hit the "Install" button.

Step 7. Once the Program is installed on your computer you are DONE! You should see 1 or 2 new desktops "bulls-i Viewer" and "bulls-i Suite". This next step is just showing when you open the program, where to click to configure your unit car black box settings...(i.e. Time Zone, Shock and Motion sensitivity, Audio / Video quality, etc)

Step 8. Finally, the last major thing to teach and learn is how to search for the videos on your computer and pull them into the software. In the image below, notice the orange Search Files icon, Click the icon to bring up a menu to scan your computer for stored videos. If you have your micro SD card plugged in, it can be found in the computer folder like shown below as "Removable ~"...

We hope this helps solve any issues! Again, if it does not help you solve an issue feel free to contact us.