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We are Ether Technology USA Inc. - Ether Technology Inc. is a software company based out of South Korea that has been writing software and creating new mobile wireless technology since its founding in 2003. The company has produced the operating software for Pantech cellphones and is partners with Samsung and LG, providing SKT, KTF and LGT mobile phones. Overall, Ethertek is a full solutions provider of 2G, 3G, CDMA/WCDMA, GSM/GPRS UMTS technology. 

This website is amongst the frontier of Ethertek's newest focus. The bulls-i product line is Ethertek's leap into the world of car electronics technology.

If your question is "Why bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorders compared to other brands?"

  Questions asked on Google: What is the best vehicle drive recorder? What is the most reliable car camera? What is the top rated in car black box camera system?

   Of all the brands in the market, bulls-i is the only brand that does have an impressive track record. As of 2010, bulls-i products were the top selling product of Korea 2010. Its stylish, modern, convenient, portable, and reliable 1-inch model series won the product of the year in Korea and is currently expanding throughout the country of Russia, which is demanding a heavy supply of bulls-i's due to irresponsible driving and "staged car crashes" for insurance claims. 

  Other than proven being the most reliable amongst the car black box / vehicle drive recorder / car camera market, bulls-i is supported with the strongest backbone of any other competitor in terms of technology. Manufactured by Ethertek, a Korean software company, bulls-i has top of the line technology embedded in their vehicle drive recorders. Soon to be featuring built in WIFI, blue tooth enabled, and HD multi-channel units, bulls-i is leading the way for the revolution of road safety and security by vehicle monitoring systems called Vehicle Drive Recorders.

We truly Appreciate your feedback...

A Message to you,  from bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorder:

    Thank you for spending time checking out the bulls-i brand and our products. If you have any questions or concerns, we strongly encourage you to contact us through our website, phone or email. We truly appreciate all feedback and input about our services or products. We pledge to turn criticism and compliments into benefits for our customers by making every possible adjustment for the embetterment of our service. Please, give us your feedback.

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    If you would like to buy, sell or associate with the bulls-i brand, please contact us through our "Become a Distributor" page or use one of the following methods of communication to reach us.

Email :  or

Phone: 1-888-9-bulls-i  or 1-888-928-5574   (Toll Free)

Mailing Address: bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorders, P. O. Box 398, Swanton, Ohio  43558-0398