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ETK-B3500 Vehicle Drive Recorder Front and Rear HD Car Black Box - Dashboard Camera DVR (720p Touch LCD)

This system consists of two cameras wired as one unit (front & rear recording). Front camera features a 1280 x 720 HD recording with a 2.4' Touch LCD for live playback and easy setting configuration. Includes GPS, Speed tracking, voice guidance and more.

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One of the Higher quality Car Black Box Cameras on the Market
Ryan (Amazon Customer) (Toledo) 10/22/2012 12:39 AM
I will proudly be the first to review this product! First off, I must say, I heard about this product while I was in South Korea. I noticed that everyone had a bulls-i or some kind of camera in their car, and I had never seen them before. I therefore bought one, because I figured video evidence for my own liability while driving was not a bad idea... Why I chose this one of all the others? - As of early October is was a brand new release!I am that kind of shopper. - I wanted HD quality with at least a front and back camera. - I wanted to use it as a back up camera for my SUV, when pulling of out the driveway. (The LCD display lets you do that) - The MAIN reason I chose this bullsi was simply because of how much more production power they have compared to all the other manufacturers of these "Car Black Box Cameras". Like I said, when I was in Korea, car cameras were very popular and there was a lot of different options. However, bulls-i was by far the most common one, and there is no doubt for the reason why. These car cameras are manufactured by a Korean Software Company called Ether Technology. Which is actually a huge software company over there that makes software for mobile cell phones. Thus, it was apparent to me that these guys were not only able to but were producing a very quality product. They seem to be moving slightly from cell phones and focusing on these car cameras that they are having a lot of success with. Overseas they harp on how low their unit failure rate is because it is all run by the Micro SD card, which leaves a really slim chance for a camera (that records 24/7)to fully fail. Plus, in the future they are promising a Wifi unit to be streamed live to a cell phone. Very impressive stuff. After I bought it what do i think? - This unit is a little larger than i would like. - I do actually use the LCD display for backing up. - It works, VERY maintenance free. Don't even have to touch it. Even records when the car is off. - Good looki
I almost for I had the thing, then it recently came in handy!
Stephon Lang (Dallas, TX) 10/22/2012 12:37 AM
I pulled out the SD card and watched some of my "Event" videos that had been saved since the previous months (back till July) and I found it astounding to find a couple of all telling videos. I found one video of my car sitting in the parking lot and a ******* hit my car with his door! It didn't get his license plate number but I did get a picture of him. I sent it to my insurance company for proof and they paid for the fix, with NO deductible!
Camera was given to us for free by a bulls-i Rep, asked us to Review
Steven Helbley (Detroit, MI) 10/16/2012 8:26 PM
Hey guys from bulls-i, this is Steve from Detroit. When you guys dropped this camera off, you guys asked me in return to give the camera a shot for our cabs and then give you guys a review of the product! So here it is. Pros: Before this we did not have a camera in the cab cars and only had a voice recorder. The nice thing for us is that this camera does both video and, surprisingly to us, the audio quality is more than efficient to make out any customer interaction in the cab. Next, another bonus of the camera is that it records, works, and operates very maintenance free. It turns on / automatically and even records when the vehicle is off, turning itself off after a long period of time to save battery. Very cool feature for our cars sitting in a garage for long hours. In addition to maintenance free, I would like to point out that it is not complicated to use either. Everything is very straight forward. One last thing I can really point out that sticks out to me is that the included bulls-i software seems to make this camera stand out compared to many others I have been researching. To give you guys a quality review, i went out and did some research so I could seem informed, and no other unit really had any quality software included. I think this speaks for Ether Technology (Your Manufacturer) being a large software engineering company and their quality of production, to where a lot of other car black box makers seem cheap and off brand. Cons: Despite the importance we see, it may be a while for us to get enough funding for this specific unit in all our vehicles, unless we can get approved to buy in a bulk discount! Overall, thanks a bunch for dropping this thing off upon our request! We are trying to get these approved by Corp. and I look forward doing more business with you guys in the future!
Do not like how camera hangs but good Customer Service
Jahvid L (Atlanta, GA) 10/16/2012 10:10 AM
I have a small transportation business down in Alanta and I was looking for a car camera system to record insidey car and out the front windshield. I found this, saw it bulls-i seemed to be one of the most reliable and funded brand makes, so i bought a 3500 when it camr out and now ive had it for a two months. Here are my early reviews....1. The quality of video, software that comes with the unit, in general quality of the product is leaps and bounds ahead of other cameras i have played with. 2. The thing does not heat up and is very easy to use. 3. I have had awesome customer support from the bullsi employees ive emailed and called. 4. The worst thing about this camera is the hanging position of the camera. It is larger than most car cameras. Even though i cannot argue that it is a drover dostraction, it is just larger than i would like.
Was recommended from my teenagers driving school (Works exactly as described)
Mindy H (Huntingdon, PA) 10/1/2012 5:53 PM
My teenage daughters' driving school recommended we get a car camera to watch and monitor how she drives and so far this has really worked out well. We use it as a tool of reliability and teaching for her. Then, after shopping around we found this was probably the best bang for the buck as far as a 2 camera recording system goes for the front and rear end of the car.
Great camera system for a small taxi cab business
Benson Roads (NYC, New York) 9/30/2012 5:36 PM
As recommended by a bulls-i rep, I chose the b3500 because it seemed like the best fit for what i was trying to accomplish and so far it works flawlessly for what i need and with awesome video quality. I have the main camera positioned slightly to the left of the rear view mirror which scans the entire front of the vehicle. The second camera is positioned upper left of the drivers head, aiming back in towards the passengers to record them riding, getting in and getting out of the vehicle. In addition i never thought the use of the Touch screen LCD would be a big thing for us but it actually gives the drivers a live playback (right above their head) of the passengers in the cab. For now its a 5 star product for us and a definite recommendation to others trying to accomplish dual recording about a vehicle. And I sincerely appreciate the people of bulls-i being so helpful! I hope this review helps you! Thanks!