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Introduction Video - What is a "Vehicle Drive Recorder"? (Dash Cam)- Courtesy of ABC News.

What is a "Vehicle Drive Recorder"?

    As simple as it sounds, a vehicle drive recorder is a video camera specially designed to record your driving. In today's market they are also being called in car cameras or car black box DVR's (digital video recorders). The concept of a vehicle drive recorder is simple, the device records the video and audio of the surrounding environment ideally to capture vandalism of a vacant vehicle or car accidents when driving . By providing video evidence of how one is driving, one can ensure that their fate of driving claims will rely in their own hands. For instance,  most vehicles outside of the United States have a VDR installed due to the rising rate of "staged car crashes." Hence, with one installed in a vehicle, some insurance companies are giving drivers discounts on their auto insurance rate, especially in the cars of teenage drivers. 
    In addition, these devices automatically enter parking surveillance mode as soon as the car motion has stopped, thus, recording all events that happen as soon as the owner of the vehicle leaves the vehicle vacant. Some models include the ability to measure the vehicle's acceleration, GPS location by google maps and speed in metric or MPH. Lastly, specific models are also equipped with a live playback feed which will allow them to be used a live view rear view cameras or back up cameras. 

How Do They Work?

-The bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorders off of DC power. (For in-home usage, one needs a AC to DC adapter). Thus, you do not need to replace any batteries or do any maintenance to the unit to keep it powered.

-The memory storage is consistent amongst all the units that bulls-i brands. Each device comes with a 4GB T-Flash Micro SD card (upgradable) and it overwrites itself.  Hence, the memory unit DOES NOT require maintenance. For example,  if the device is in continuous recording mode and it records a max of 35 hours of driving, it will start replacing its oldest videos with the new.

-The bulls-i "Car Cameras" can ALL enter up to 4 recording modes: Continuous, Manual, Motion and Event (Parking Surveillance). In each mode, the device is designed to save different time intervals of video, for instance, motion recording will only save the video that is recorded of something moving which is ideal for in-home security. 

-To View your recorded video, you need to first download the Viewer Software from our website here. Then, you take your micro SD memory card from your unit, plug it into the USB adapter,( that came with the unit upon purchase), and simply plug the USB into a computer. Then, you can view your video, which will be separated into time slots, organized by date, which makes finding any occurrences extremely easy.

-The camera is easily hung by a simple bracket system, which contains a double-sided stick, and can be pressed against any surface you desire to attach it to. 

Background Information about bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorder

We are a company dedicated to marketing the bulls-i brand of vehicle drive recorders or devices also known as, in-car cameras. These car cameras will record black box data in case of any car crash, ensuring liability and giving video evidence of whom is at fault. For this purpose, the bulls-i drive recorders were the #1 selling product of Korea in 2010. Starring and featuring the famous 1-inch model series, known for its sleek looks and reliability,bulls-i is leading in technology amongst the car camera industry. In the near generation of drive recorders, features such as high definition, blue tooth,  car back-up cameras, 2 channel (front and rear view combos) or 4 channel (front, rear, 2 side cameras), and built in WIFI are upon the horizon. Not only do the bulls-i vehicle drive recorders serve as a black box for car crashes, but they are used for many other purposes. Just listing a few of the car camera's capabilities show its relevance in the market and upcoming role in today's society. 
More popular uses of vehicle drive recorders are as follows and their descriptions of "How" are listed below: parents of teenage drivers, back up and rear view cameras,  businesses that own and rent out vehicles (golf carts, boats, cars), in-home security, insurance companies, taxi / busing and transportation services and more... 

Parents with Teenage Drivers can watch How and Where their kids drive: 

Ever wonder how your teenager drives on the road when no one is watching? Do they drive responsible when their friends are in the car? Do they play the radio too loud? Was that accident their fault? bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorder has been issued with a large measure of concern about safety on our roads and we believe that these vehicle drive recorders, are a huge step in the right direction in terms of driving safely. Not only will this video ensure your child does not get taken advantage of in the case of a car crash and fault claiming scenario but it will make them, personally, feel liable for their actions. For instance, if your kids knew that you could watch where they drive and how they drive, would they drive recklessly or to a place they did not tell you where they were going? Not only do the bulls-i units record audio and video of your kid driving, but it tracks their speed and GPS location by Google Maps. Please for your teenagers safety and all of our safety on the roads, look into the options a car camera will offer you.  Note: Do not worry about someone stalking your child because there is a GPS tracker, the units do not give off any wireless signal to intercept or hack into.

Back Up and Rear View Camera:

By the year 2014, every single vehicle in America is going to HAVE to have a rear view or back-up camera. Now, unless you were planning on buying a brand new car on that year, what are you options of getting a back-up camera? Straight forward, a vehicle drive recorder is your best option and here is why. A back up camera alone is going to be around the same price of a bulls-i camera. So why not knock out multiple birds with one stone, and get a device that can record your drive for liability reasons and then ALSO, serve as a back up camera. 

Own a Rental Service? Car Rentals? Boat Rentals? Golf Cart Rentals?:

It is extremely rare for a customer to care about your property like it is their own. (Almost all business owners can relate to that statement.) Customers sometimes accidentally or purposefully get in the way of a business's goal of keeping their property in top shape, to ensure a quality service for their customers. Thus, to answer the question, how can a business ensure their customers DO care for their equipment or vehicles, one should seriously consider looking into a vehicle drive recorder. With an extra set of electronic eyes monitoring how the vehicle is treated and where it is taken, a vehicle's life could be dramatically lengthened by simply making the user responsible for their actions.

Inexpensive AND Smart Method of In-home Security:

The bulls-i camera has the ability to run constantly, without stopping, at a VERY low energy cost. The energy cost is so low that when a car is turned off, the device can record in it's automatically triggered parking surveillance mode, and NOT drain the car's battery. Thus, this low energy cost, meanwhile constant recording, brings the bulls-i "Car Camera" into other markets, such as the home security market. In today's economy, not many people have the spare money to spend on a multi-thousand dollar security camera to monitor their home, garage, and other valuables. In addition, many people who do need security for their home and property, like college kids moving into dorms, families living in rough neighborhoods, and small business owners who have merchandise to protect are actively looking for a method of cheap in-home security or insurance liability. In conclusion, this is where bulls-i drive recorder's motion sensor ability will come into play. Instead of only designing the threshold shock sensor to record in the car, the bulls-i can be hung on and plugged into a wall, where it will record motion and any shock waves that occur in its surrounding area. If the device is set in motion tracking mode, the camera will only save the time interval of recording that motion occurred in. Hence, the hours of the camera recording the vacant room will not be saved, giving the camera more memory to spend on any detected motion. 

Insurance Companies   ( Owners or Customers ): 

Wouldn't you like your car insurance rate to go down? Especially if you have to pay a teenage driver's insurance rate? By applying a bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorder in your car, an insurance company (depending on the insurance company) , may see extreme value to having an extra set of eyes for liability issues. Plus, not only the liability issues will be secured, but proof of car vandalism, proof of in-home break ins, discount of having a back up camera, and the fact that the drive is being monitored decreases the likelihood of reckless driving.

Transportation Services like taxi's, busing, and shuttles:

    City driving is classified by some as chaos. Bumps, scratches, dents and any kind of damage go un-faulted every single day in the city. Plus, with crowded streets and out of town tourists walking the paths, a cities driving environment is one of the most dangerous places in society today, for the everyday pedestrian, for the drivers and for the businesses who have to face the lawsuits. Hence, all these reasons may be factors why you would want to look into a vehicle drive recorder. For additional transportation purposes, a bulls-i will record audio and video of your everyday customer transactions, track location and GPS, track speed, and provide proof of liability.

The next question is "Why bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorders compared to other brands and what is their track record?"

  Questions asked on Google: What is the best vehicle drive recorder? What is the most reliable car camera? What is the top rated in car black box camera system?

   Of all the brands in the market, bulls-i is the only brand that does have an impressive track record. As of 2010, bulls-i products were the top selling product of Korea 2010. Its stylish, modern, convenient, portable, and reliable 1-inch model series won the product of the year in Korea and is currently expanding throughout the country of Russia, which is demanding a heavy supply of bulls-i's due to irresponsible driving and "staged car crashes" for insurance claims. 

  Other than proven being the most reliable amongst the car black box / vehicle drive recorder / car camera market, bulls-i is supported with the strongest backbone of any other competitor in terms of technology. Manufactured by Ethertek, a Korean software company, bulls-i has top of the line technology embedded in their vehicle drive recorders. Soon to be featuring built in WIFI, blue tooth enabled, and HD multi-channel units, bulls-i is leading the way for the revolution of road safety and security by vehicle monitoring systems called Vehicle Drive Recorders.